Gosh & Jeepers

I have a confession to make. I binge watched all 13 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last night. I would write out a list of excuses following the phrase, “in my defense…” but I don’t have much to say to that. It happens.

Actually, the only excuse I can think of it, “All of the episodes together are barely longer than The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition, anyway. And watching that is more than acceptable.”

Anyway. I have a second confession to make. My heart was very much convicted by a theme in this series. So much so that I paused the show to pray. I paused a BINGE WATCHING. That’s a big deal.

For a reader who may not know, this show is, first off, Tina Fey directed, and second off, about a girl rescued from a cult after 15 years of living in a bunker and being manipulated by a Bible waving “reverend” into believing that the rapture had come and that the world had ended.

I have no idea why it’s so addicting. But the theme song is stuck in my head eternally, along with the theme song for The Office and Parks and Recreation. And Full House. And Saved By the Bell. But that’s another issue entirely.

Nearing the end of the series, the “reverend” is put on trial for kidnapping the girls and holding them in the bunker. One of the themes that shows up throughout the story is his ability to manipulate and control. During the trial, he refuses the help of a lawyer and represents himself, saying, “I believe in Gosh, and His Son, Jeepers, and the Holy Ghost, who is here today, supporting me. Don’t let that influence you.”

First I laughed. Then I said, “Oh. God. Christians do this all the time.”

Tina Fey is brilliant. She was playing on the ignorance of faith. It was perfect. This is a theme that’s been looked at for years, but it’s always nice to have a reminder.

I know for a fact that Christians are great at this. I’m wonderful at it. It’s just too easy for us to defend our cause, regardless of motives, because we decide that because we are Christians, we can use Jesus’ words to justify anything. I do it in my personal life all the time.

“This is wrong. I know this is wrong. BUT, Jesus knows my heart. I have grace. He knows where I’m coming from. He understands. Jesus defends me. Therefore He knows that I need this lie in my life because He knows me.”

It gives me a right to do what I want and act how I want and treat people how I want. It gives me a right to overlook the Truth of the gospel, twist it around to fit my desires, and throw out all the parts I don’t want.

I can even justify binge watching four hours of Netflix using this clever technique!

I don’t have complete thoughts on this right now. But literally, for the love of God, please keep seeking His Truth. We’re bound to make mistakes. We’re bound to misrepresent His name. But it’s all too easy to become disillusioned and to justify ourselves and use our relationship with God to manipulate others into believing the same.

It’s so easy to say that our thoughts are God’s thoughts. It’s so easy to say, “God is telling me to do this!” when He’s telling you the opposite. It’s so easy to get confused and follow our feelings instead of God’s stable, eternal principles.

Also I accidentally typed “Gosh’s” instead of “God’s”. I laughed a lot. This freaking show.


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