Why people hate Christians.

*2013 Repost*

As Christians, we’re up against so much more than a current generation’s opposition to surrender. We’re up against 2,000 years of corruption in the name of Christ. When people hear that we’re Christian, they don’t think of the love that Jesus spoke about; they think about the people who have murdered in the name if Christ, they think of the hypocrisy of the church, they think of that one time they went to a Christmas service and felt condemnation instead of hope. They think of the cliques so easily formed among Christians, the fear that must be behind every religious ritual, the news story of the priest raping the child. They think these things alone prove that the Christians serve no God and that mankind is better off without an intrusive book telling it what to do with every second of every day. And they expect the same hollow, fear-induced, holier-than-thou attitude from us. In all honesty, the name “Christian” has done more to hurt than to heal. And so it is left in our hands to be the best we can be and leave the rest in God’s hands. It is vital for us to constantly display the genuine hope we have found, to prove that perfect love casts out fear, to live in a way that convinces those not of faith that all of the corruption they have familiarized themselves with doesn’t represent the love of Christ. Perhaps, at the root of all of this, we must realize that this isn’t about us. It’s about Him, and what He wants to accomplish.


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