Walking vs. Standing

*2013 Repost*

What do you believe about Jesus? Natural Christian answer: Everything written about Him in the Bible. Since it’s the inspired word of God, and all that.
So, that means you believe He is the healer. You believe He is the Bread of Life and that one could be sustained by Him. You believe He hates sin yet He became sin Himself to bring man back to life spiritually. You believe He has predestined man to do good works. You believe He is the Word of God Himself, and that all of creation hangs by His word. You believe He is a righteous judge. You believe He is jealous. You believe He is, in and of Himself, perfect love which casts out fear. You believe He Himself is your peace.
At least, that’s what you say. But what about James 2:14, which says that actions speak louder than words? (“What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds?”) So if your actions speak louder than your words, then it is truly your actions that dictate what you believe about Christ. You can proclaim your faith all you want, but if you’re not living in a way that relies on who God says He is, you might just not believe what you think you believe.
If Jesus is the Healer, why don’t you trust Him to heal you? If He is El-Shadai, the One who provides, why are you anxious? If He is truly the author and perfecter of your faith, why do you doubt that He will see you through to the end? If He is jealous for you and hates the sin that gets in between you and Him, why do you continue to spite Him? If He has spoken promises over your life, why aren’t you walking in faith?

Here’s the thing about walking in faith. There’s a difference between walking in faith and standing in hope. Hope settles for wanting something really badly. Faith is only satisfied by action that brings you closer to your destination. So, if God is the healer, and you believe this, and you are praying for healing, walk as if His work is already complete, because He is already in the future where your hope has become reality. It is finished whether you can see it at this point in time or not. Don’t just pray for God’s will on earth as it is in heaven, live as if His kingdom has already come.

And in doing this, you are trusting God as He has called us to trust Him. You’re stepping out on the water just because you believe He won’t let you go. You’re digging holes to collect the rain God has promised, even before there’s a cloud in the sky. You’re taking a natural action and expecting God to bring in the supernatural. Live in a way that shows you believe God is who he says he is and will do what He says He will do.
And to quote my mentor and friend and sister Rhianna, “I think we need to be changing our prayers to, ‘God, show me how to act in this faith. How to live like what I’m believing You’re going to do is already happening.’”
It’s not enough to just say that you believe, because truth is that talk is cheap. That was a Tenth Avenue North song. That’s all I’ve got.


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