The Light Meets the Dark

*2013 Repost*

So in the Bible it talks about how all things come to light eventually. And that’s what I’m always scared of. I always wonder the means by which my deepest mistakes will be revealed. But when the light meets the dark, that’s when redemption is made possible. If you never come to terms with your reality, you’ll never be able to sort it out. You have to surrender it, and in doing so, you must tell the truth about it. And things do come out. I don’t know, maybe one day you’ll be standing center stage in front of your church during worship, doing your thing, and then Pastor will randomly say to the congregation something like, “Jesus thinks you’re worth it, even with your eating disorder.” And you’ll freeze and all of a sudden have no where to hide anymore. Because God called you out. Because the light invited itself in when your defenses were down. But in that moment, you have the choice to pretend you have yourself together, or you can let the light in. You can do something about it. You’ve already prayed, which is always the first step, but now you can work through it, because you no longer are occupied by trying to defend your secrets. You can find the cause of your problems and pull them by the roots. And this is the freedom we have in Christ, to say that we are no longer held by anything but the love of God.


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