That was random.

*2013 Repost*

So then I’m like, “What the frick just happened?”
And then God’s like, “Well, you just got locked out of your house and your phone died, so then all of a sudden you were alone and in the dark in your dad’s car in the driveway. Then you started to think that maybe there was a reason for that, and then you remembered all the other times in your life that you thought the same thing, and next thing you know, you stopped running from me and you start crying and asking Me why. You said that you didn’t know what to do. That you felt like you didn’t know My voice. That you were confused and felt like I had betrayed you, My child. That you didn’t know how to know Me, much less trust Me. So, then you looked to the sky and you saw the stars and you heard My voice. I said, ‘Look at the stars. Who made them? There is no one but Me. There is none besides Me.’ I hold everything in My hands. I worked so, so hard to get you- to redeem you. Come, let us reason together. Why on earth would I give you up? Why would I begin a good work in you just to leave you incomplete? If you want a logical answer to things, this is what you’re dealing with. It would make no sense for Me to let you go.
But skip the logic. Skip trying to find all the answers for now, and just know Me. Trust that I’m shaping you. Trust that nothing is wasted.
So then, my Child, you told me that I was all you wanted. You told me that you no longer wanted this vessel to be controlled by your feelings or your will, but that you wanted the wheel to be manned by My will and My heart’s desires, and that you wanted your anchor to lie within the Holy Spirit.
And so then your parents came home and you walked in the house like you’d just gotten there and then you opened your wallet and realized your key was there the whole time, but then you decided it was worth not finding. And then you told me you were thankful that you spent your Valentine’s day night in your driveway with Me. And then you realized that it’s okay that you don’t have all the answers, because My promises remain and my plans will not be thwarted.”


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