*2013 Repost*

So around Halloween, people get all psyched out about weird stuff. Or they just see it as an excuse to dress up like a pony, whatever. But anyway, if you’re into all that creepy Halloween stuff, Salem is the place to be, because of all of that Salem Witch Trial stuff. It’s fun, I guess, getting scared about witches. But Christians get all weird about it. They call it satanic and all of that stuff. I’m not gonna lie, it can get a little weird, but let me just ask this: What’s worse, the Halloween festivals or the way Christians acted during the Salem Witch trials?

What was the point of those again? A bunch of Christians getting together to judge people and kill them if they thought they were wrong? So yes, if I were an atheist looking for a reason to hate Christians, that would be my reasoning right there. Because here’s the thing: No matter how much we as Christians condemn what happened at the Salem witch trials, and no matter how much we disassociate ourselves with that as a religion, a lot of us are still very much the same as the ones who burned people at the stake.

We have this attitude, as Christians in general. Not all, but enough for it to bother me. It’s something like, “I’m right and I know I’m right. You’re wrong and I know you’re wrong. You can argue with me all you want, but I win in the end. And that’s that. So you can argue all you want. Because I’ll win. And in the end, the reason I argue with you is because I want you to admit that I’m right. I don’t care if things work out for you. I just want to be right. So go right ahead and believe what you believe, and when you’re burning in hell, you’ll wish you would have listened to me.”

Tell me that’s not the exact same attitude that made church members pick people from the community and throw them in water to see if they’d drown, just to prove that they were a witch. We pick up nonbelievers and, basically, try to throw them into hell just to prove that we as Christ-believers are right. A lot of the time, we don’t want to be right to save people or promote the love of God. We want to be right because it makes us look better. It proves we aren’t delusional. You’ll see one day, we seethe.

So we have an attitude like that, yet think we’re morally superior to nonbelievers because we usually don’t cuss and usually don’t smoke.

Okay. I, for one, am going to give myself higher standards to live by. Maybe, I’ll go all out, and actually try to care about people more than I care about being better than them. Like, you know, how Jesus did.


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