Memphis: Week 5

*2013 Repost*

It was another great week at Whittier! This week, Bethany Baptist Church brought a strong desire to see kids experience the love of Christ. We had tons of new kids show up, as well a bunch of “regular” kids who were excited to see the returning team after a year of being apart. The team this week was obviously passionate about what they were doing, and brought a good time and a high level of energy to the kids each day.
It was apparent that the kids had made strong connections with Bethany Baptist. On the last day, a number of kids were crying. At first I thought they were sick and I figured they should go home, but when asked why he didn’t want to participate, one kid answered, “It’s Friday. We have to say goodbye on Friday.” I don’t think I’ve seen that many hugs given before the walk home before.
I think the coolest thing was that the team never missed an opportunity to pour the love of Christ on the kids. No matter what was happening, the team found ways to turn the situation into a sermon, showing the kids practical ways to live like Christ. If this team left one message with the kids this week, it was that God’s mercy is new every morning, and that no matter the circumstance, they are all “winners” in Christ. I’m confident the kids will remember the love shown this week for years to come.


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