Memphis: Week 4

*2013 Repost*

My weekly blog update for the Street Reach website:

This was an incredible week for Whittier. Midway Baptist Church partnered with Crestview Baptist Church to form an experienced team who was able to bring the kids an exciting, fun-filled week that led to the Gospel being lived out before them. The energy was unbelievable, especially in the face of 100 degree weather and a stormy Friday. So many times, I saw completely worn out members pushing themselves to play with the kids. Once the younger kids realized this team was up for anything, the kids began pushing their limits by randomly sprinting all over the place and expecting team members to chase them. Which they did. All day. It was beautiful to see the joy on the kids faces as the team chased them down and held them, leading to the tender moments the kids craved.
I’ve never seen the Bible club kids so eager to serve, but many times, I would find kids working along side the team, helping things get set up and making sure everyone was participating. I saw the older boys treat the male members with respect, since they’d grown so comfortable with the love they were being shown by them. By the end of the week, testimonies from the team had been shared, leading to kids opening up to me about their personal struggles I never would have imagined. Without these kids opening up, I never would have known to pray over these situations in their lives.
All in all, amongst the attention-grabbing and energetic songs, the several members who constantly had three or more kids on top of them, and the more serious issues that were confronted, Jesus was evident. I can only pray that we’ll have another week as fun and powerful as this one here at Whittier.


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