"And the next day I went up to see…"

*2013 Repost* 

Well. At the last minute two days ago, I decided I was leaving the state at 7 am the next morning because Jesus wanted me to. Of course, it literally took 12 hours of nonstop convincing my parents to let me leave by myself as well as hardcore harassing my friends until 3 am trying to get a ride to the station. But before I knew it, I was on an eight hour train ride to my best friend’s local train station. I almost didn’t go. I was so anxious that I was doing this for the wrong reason, and that I was wasting time and money on something trivial. But at about 1 am the night before, God confirmed that I should go. And it was wonderful. I went up looking for clarity on God’s will and clarity on my desires.
So this is what happened. I got to spend some much needed time with my best friend in the whole world; I got to stop caring about petty things and have fun, even if I was only there for 21 hours; and I got to feel God’s presence that I was longing for. He told me that whether I turn to the right or the left, He will be behind me, telling me, “This is the way. Walk in it.” He told me that no matter what choice I make about some things coming up in my future, as long as I am obeying Him, what I do will please Him. Whatever I chose, I should pursue it with everything I’ve got, putting God first. That’s God’s will. Because as long as I’m anchored to the Holy Spirit, my dreams will match His desires. And even if I try my hardest and things still fall through, He’ll always be there to pick me back up and send me back on my way. This is great! Currently worshipping Jesus on a train!


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