Kay, so I moved from Virginia to South Carolina a few days ago. Honestly, I was extremely freaked out about it and thought I was going to die and hate it here and my life would just end because everyone would dislike me and I would miss everyone to the point of depression. But, hey. I’m here. I’m not dead. My school is pretty enjoyable. I might have a job soon. Life is good, although very confusing at times.

While we were unloading the moving van the day after we arrived, I found myself carrying a lot more than I thought I would be carrying, seeing as I am abnormally strong for a teenage girl and my mother is abnormally weak for a woman. My dad handed me this obnoxious piece of wood and made me carry it out. No big deal, it’s just a piece of wood. I got this. Yeah, no. This wood nearly broke my shoulder in half after about 0.23 seconds, but I was already on my way out of the moving van, with no way to put it down without somehow dying violently.
So, much to my new neighbors’ delight, I started yelling, “Mom! Mom!! Come help me with my burden!!” (Legit, that’s how I yell things when I’m in distress. It’s weird.) She kinda took her time, unfortunately, but I didn’t die. And I was alright and she helped me carry the random piece of wood into the house, and I actually have no idea where it is right now or why I had to carry it. After my cry of distress, I yelled, “I’m pretty sure this is biblical!” because it definitely reminded me of Galatians 6:2, which says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”
Should’ve known a random verse like that wouldn’t show up in my life unless God had something to say about it.
Just like I was freaking out and thought I was going to die about that burden of wood on my shoulders, I was freaking out and thought I was going to die about moving down to the dirty south. I was sure there was no way I would make it without throwing a fit or hating my life. Because, I mean, I was leaving behind some pretty amazing people in Virginia, and I’m socially awkward and all that stuff. How was I ever supposed to come to this new place and just be myself? It had taken me so long to be comfortable in Virginia, and I’d been there my whole life! What was God thinking!? (I’m laughing right now because at one point, I told my parents that they could NOT force me to go to public school down here. I would lock myself in my room and not get out of the car and throw a fit and do illegal things so I wouldn’t have to go.)
But when the burden and distress and anxiety of this move hit me, there were godly, amazing friends there for me. (Thank God for my phone, just saying.) There was several people to text me the entire 9 hour ride. There was a box of letters written by some  awesome Jesus followers to me that comforted me about my move. There was my best friend to stay up late and make me laugh uncontrollably at stupid things such as her taking a book in the library and hiding in a dark corner so the librarian wouldn’t find her. There was my other best friend who woke up early to pray with me before school over the phone and who continually blew up my phone with texts throughout the day. It made me realize I wasn’t carrying this burden alone, because right beside me (although miles apart physically) were those friends that Jesus had obviously put in my life, and they were reminding me I wasn’t gonna die or have a terrible life. They reminded me it was a new beginning, a season dictated by the Lover of my soul. It will be okay, and before I know it, I’ll wonder why I was ever so worried about it.
Okay, so can I just say that these people have an accent?! It’s starting to catch on, and that is absolutely not okay! Everyone is so friendly, though, and I already found that one Jesus friend I was promised. Life is good, believe it or not. Now just to trust God with the rest of it.

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