Unspinning the Web

Originally, this was going to be a cover for a song with me just saying all the stuff I’m about to write down. But first of all, I don’t sing. Second of all, I have no guitar. Third of all, I have no working camera. So, yeah. Anyway. 
The lyrics to my favorite song say, “O Lord, how long will I be haunted by the fear that I believe? My hands like locks on cages to these dreams I can’t set free… Please Lord, how long will I be held captive by the lies that I believe? My heart’s in constant chaos, and it keeps me so deceived.” Okay, this is a song for anyone who’s ever believed a lie. And I don’t mean a lie like some guy telling you he likes you, but he really doesn’t. (I mean, that would suck, too, though.) I mean, a lie that’s shaped your life. Like, maybe you’re that Christian kid who’s like, “Yeah! I’m a Christian! Of course I believe the Bible! Watch me prove how God created everything in seven days! Let me show you that it’s scientifically explained that the Red Sea was parted!” But when you read something like maybe Isaiah 43, that says that you are precious and honored in His sight and He loves you, you doubt it. You don’t believe that God loves you even with all your screw-ups as much as you believe that he parted the Red Sea. Maybe you don’t even recognize the lies anymore; you just know something’s wrong.
After a while, your whole life is nothing but interlocking lies, Interwoven, carefully spun by Satan for the purpose of capturing you. They aren’t easy to combat. And they cause fear to overwhelm you. “Will I ever be enough? Will I ever be accepted? Am I loved? Will I be forgiven? Could all that is lost ever be found?” But I believe that the only way to stop believing lies about yourself or God or anything is to start believing Truth. I mean, look at fear. It’s caused by lies. What’s the opposite of fear? Honestly, what could ever possibly counter-act fear? Perfect love, for perfect love casts out fear. (Yeah, the Bible will never cease to surprise me.) So instead of fear, you need love. And what is perfect love? Think about it. Perfect love comes from God and is God. And He is also the Way, the Truth, and the Life. See, Satan is the father of lies, and when he lies he is acting out of his character, but Jesus is the Truth. And in Him, you find perfect love. So fighting this battle is a matter of Truth and Love vs. Lies and Fear. It’s a battle to see who will reign in your mind in that moment- the father of lies or the Truth. 

And it requires looking at the core of what you believe. Maybe there’s a lie that’s constructed the way you live. Maybe you don’t believe God loves you as much as He says He does, or that the sin you confessed over and over again is still held against you, or that you can’t do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Or maybe you still think you’re a disappointment, even though we all know God is using you tremendously. Letting God’s light shine into that dark inside and being honest allows you to see what exactly you’ve been believing- Truth or lies.And once you are graced with eyes to see, that’s when you can start to unspin the web. Combat the lies with Truth from God’s Word consciously. For example, if you way, way deep inside believe that God doesn’t care about your struggles, fight that lie with truth such as 2 Kings 20:4, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you.” or 2 Chronicles 20. Ask God for the faith to trust Him, because you can’t do it alone. And while you’re at it, get some back up. Talk to someone. Every time I’ve let walls down and been vulnerable, I’ve been surprised with grace.It’s scary, but it helps tremendously. Once you start speaking truth and recognizing lies, don’t give up. The web, by the grace of God, will start to unravel. You start to get free. And heal. Perfect love casts out fear, and the lies that you believe are replaced by the Truth that sets you free.


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